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Do you know what it means to become an adult?? It means there’s less and less to smile about. So we’ll have to smile even more, even if we have to force it.

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"We are standing here now, able to shine because you are all here.
The five of us will be here, forever." - 5x10, 嵐

15周年、おめでとう! (´ ▽`).。o♡
Happy 15 anniversary, Arashi!
Thank you everything. For the music, for the encouragement, hope, joy, & happiness, for teaching us that friendship is a great thing. Basically, thank you for everything you guys have given and taught us.
Words cannot explain how much we all love you.

I will continue to support you guys forever. ❤

x x x x

We’re running.
Forgive us for, not stopping
We are criminals that stole your heart.

Happy 15th anniversary ARASHI~~♡♡♡♡


Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi!!


“From the very beginning, the 5 of us were scraped together under the front cover of ‘Arashi’, but the content was all blank paper. From that time onward, as we kept on contemplating the question of “What exactly is Arashi?”, bit by bit we began to draw the sketches of Arashi on our own, and then gradually the colors started to appear.”

Happy 5x15!~ ♥